ACC Living my Life

The Federation is a contracted Supplier of ACC Living my Life Service Independent Facilitation. We provide this service to referred ACC Clients around the country via our network of Centres.

What is the purpose of independent facilitation?

Our Independent Facilitators work with ACC clients and their family/whanau to:

  • enable you to understand your local, natural, universal, mainstream and funded support options and activities

  • enable you to find meaningful connections in your community

  • facilitate you to make choices about the activities and supports you want to engage in

  • facilitate you to make choices about the providers of your support services


The goal is to:

  • support you to identify local cultural, community and employment opportunities

  • enable you to have choice and control of your support and who will deliver it


You have a summary of local resources and choices about your preferred support and provider(s) including natural, mainstream, universal and funded supports (ACC and other funders)

Why choose a Federation Independent Facilitator?

Our Independent Facilitators have provided high quality, impartial, disability information services to their communities for many years. Not only do they facilitate access to communities, they actively seek ways to work in collaboration with other community members to build stronger, more accessible places for people to live, work and play in. Their knowledge is constantly growing and they willingly share that knowledge with others. The key activities of Independent Facilitators are supporting you and your family/whanau to:

Find information

Show you how to research and find resources in the community such as library, local Council offices, Citizens Advice, online specific sites e.g. Firstport, Attitude Live.

Connect better

Identify support networks in the community, such as:

  • Using internet, library, pamphlets

  • Phone, email, face to face visits

  • Visiting neighbourhood houses

  • Visiting culturally specific organisations

  • Disability specific support services

Get help

Office of the Public Advocate, WINZ, Carers NZ, advocacy groups

Link to community resources

Link to community organisations such as Men’s Sheds, community groups, Be.employed, Asian network etc

Contribute to the community

Identify opportunities to contribute to the community such as Disabled Persons Organisations, Enabling Good Lives, Be.Leadership, Consumer representatives

Make Decisions

Make informed decisions about your disability support and preferred supplier/providers

Build Relationships

Building community relationships and strategies to address barriers to community and employment participation

Accessing independent facilitation

To access Independent Facilitation you should talk to your ACC Case Manager/Owner about whether this service is right for you. Once you have agreed this is a good option you will be able to choose an Independent Facilitator who works in your area.

Your Independent Facilitator will work with you for up to 11 hours over a 3 month period. Together you will come up with a summary of the things you have explored and the decisions you have made.

If you are not an ACC client and you would like further information about the services our Centres can provide in your area please contact us.

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