Our members

Our members are the heart of the Federation. From Northland to Southland they provide information and advice, resources and support to disabled people and their whanau.

Member Category Website
Northable Principal Member  www.northable.org.nz (external website)
Yes Disability Principal Member  www.yesdisability.org.nz (external website)
Disability Connect Principal Member  www.disabilityconnect.org.nz (external website)
Vaka Tautua Principal Member  www.vakatautua.co.nz (external website)
Citizen Advocacy Principal Member  www.caauckland.org.nz (external website)
Complex Care Group Principal Member  www.complexcaregroup.org.nz (external website)
Coromandel ILT Principal Member  www.cilt.org.nz (external website)
Whakatane DRCT Principal Member  www.drct.org.nz (external website)
Taranaki DIC Principal Member  www.taranakidic.org.nz (external website)
Well-able DIEC Principal Member  www.well-able.org.nz (external website)
DRC Hawkes Bay Principal Member  www.drchb.org.nz (external website)
WestREAP Principal Member  www.westreap.org.nz (external website)
Christchurch DPC Aspire Principal Member  www.aspirecanterbury.org.nz (external website)
Otago DIS Principal Member  www.livingwellcentre.nz  (external website)
Southland DRC Principal Member  www.drcsouth.co.nz (external website)
Independent Living Charitable Trust Corporate Member https://ilsnz.org  (external website)
Deaf Aotearoa Corporate Member www.deaf.org.nz (external website)
Manawanui In Charge Corporate Member www.manawanui.org.nz (external website)
Life Unlimited Corporate Member www.lifeunlimited.net.nz (external website)
Enable NZ Corporate Member www.enable.co.nz (external website)
ATSNZ Affiliate Member  www.atsnz.org.nz (external website)
Taranaki APEPSI Trust Affiliate Member   
People First NZ Affiliate Member  www.peoplefirst.org.nz (external website)
Blind Low Vision NZ Affiliate Member  https://blindlowvision.org.nz/ (external website)
Parents of Vision Impaired (NZ) Inc Affiliate Member https://pvi.org.nz/ (external website)
Elinor Stratford Life Member  
Bron Foxx Life Member  
Heather Robertson Life Member  
Carol Wood Life Member  
Brian Eriksen Life Member